Progressive Type Tube Sheet Dies and Lines

Tube plate for automotive evaporators

Progressive tube plate dies and line.

The manufacture of progressive type tube sheet can be performed in a multiple-row or with row-selectable dies. Producing tube sheets progressively can decrease the number of coil widths required. Extruded collars provide a superior bond between the tubing and the tube sheet to reduce the possibility of leaks.

End plate dies and press lines for unitary air conditioning.

Performance features include:

  • Pierced holes, chamfered collars, flaredcollars and other configurations.
  • Manual (cams) or automatic (pneumatics)row selection.
  • Gaggable subdies for notching, attachmentholes or thread lances.
  • Single or double-sided flanges or channel parts including features that allow for straightening of the tube sheet after forming.

Single-flange and double-flange configurations
of tube sheet.

Tube sheet configured with side flanges.

For a video of sheet die in action – click Image