Simplify Your Metalworking Production Process

Phinney Designs and Builds High Precision Dies, Automatic Press Systems and Special Machinery to Simplify Your Metalworking Production Process

  • A tradition of craftsmanship and technology to enable you to produce intricate parts and components.
  • Complete systems assembled and tested in a simulated production mode at our facility for customer approval.
  • Computer-controlled precision.
  • Performance-proved, just-in-time delivery.
  • Many applications need only one die to manufacture several parts.
  • Technical training and support.
  • Competitive pricing.


Barrier bracket for a heat pump application produced by using progressive dies;

Demonstrates capability to produce sheet metal dies.

Special Capabilities

  • Single source for turnkey press lines
  • Hydronic fin dies and lines for baseboard heating equipment
  • Nail plate dies and lines for pre-fabricated building trusses
  • Staple dies and lines to form/cutoff ends of wires; form and collate for boxing
  • Finish brad; nail dies and lines
  • Progressive and single-hit sheet metal dies for the stationary air conditioning industries
  • Progressive automotive evaporator and condenser fin dies and lines
  • Progressive tube sheet/end plate dies and lines
  • Secondary heat exchanger fin tooling
  • Stainless steel secondary heat exchanger turbulators
  • Prototype tooling
  • Sheet metal dies

Statistical Analysis and Documentation

Critical dimensions are measured with specialized gauges.
Data is recorded, analyzed and statistical documentation
is provided to the customer.

Typical tolerances maintained:

  • Fin or Tube Sheet Length plus or minus .0025-inch
  • Fin Collar Heights plus or minus .0010-inch